Service Information


  • OUTS maintains a Drug and Alcohol Testing Program to ensure safety sensitive personnel are drug and alcohol free when providing service.
  • OUTS transportation requires drivers to receive monthly safety training in order to provide safe transportation services.
  • All drivers receive at least 40 hours of driver training when hired and refresher training quarterly.
  • All drivers are properly licensed by the state of North Carolina.
  • All vehicles are properly licensed and insured as defined by FTA.
  • All passengers are to be seated and wear seat belts. All passengers in wheelchairs are to be safely secured when vehicle is in motion. All children must be in a child safety seat if it is required for their age and weight.
  • OUTS vehicles have standard on-vehicle safety equipment.
  • All drivers conduct a pre-trip and post-trip inspection of the vehicle before and after service.
  • OUTS is committed to the safe operations of its vehicles, including the safe boarding and exiting of the passengers.
  • OUTS will not operate if weather conditions make it unsafe to operate vehicles on the road.

As a general guideline, no transportation will be provided on icy or snowy days or when unsafe road conditions exist. If the county schools are closed, rural transportation routes may not operate. OUTS Director reserves the right to make any final decision pertaining to closings or delayed openings.

OUTS director will contact Onslow County EOC Director for a recommendation on safe transportation operation for the day. Cancellations are for the safety of passengers and OUTS personnel.

Onslow United Transit System, Inc. will contact the local Television Stations:

  • Channel 12 – WCTI
  • Channel 7 – WITN
  • Channel 10 – locally known as G-10 (Government television)

If inclement weather occurs in midday, the same procedures will apply. Transportation take-home procedures may have to be modified and will be determined by transportation system staff. However, if at all possible all clients will be taken home.

Transit System Responsibilities

  • OUTS is responsible for providing clean, on time, reliable, safe and efficient service.
  • OUTS is not responsible for passenger’s items left on vehicles
  • OUTS employees are responsible for abiding by all policies and procedures set forth by the company.
  • OUTS will maintain insurance coverage exceeding legally mandated minimums.
  • Drivers are not to use personal electronic devices while operating and/or while passengers are on board the vehicle. The only exception would be if the driver was advised by dispatch to contact base by cell phone and then the driver must pull off in a safe environment and contact base.
  • OUTS abides by all applicable Federal, State, and Local regulations.
  • The system is committed to keeping all vehicles and other equipment properly maintained and in safe working order.