Emergency & Weather

Emergency Information

OUTS is responsible for the safe operation and management of transportation service. In order to carry out this responsibility with the assistance of other agencies, the following procedures will be used in the event of inclement weather.

Natural Disaster

In the event of an emergency or national disaster, all scheduled transportation service will be discontinued. Every effort will be made to take those passengers who are en route or at appointments to their homes as quickly as possible. OUTS will assist the county emergency management services to provide emergency transportation service in the event of a disaster. The system vehicles will be used to transport disabled and or the elderly, and any other citizen to safe shelters when notified by the county.


In case of an accident or other emergency the passenger should:

1. Follow the driver’s instructions.

2. Remain calm

3. Maintain orderly evacuation of the vehicle, if warranted.

4. Stay off roadway in a safe location.

5. Refrain from smoking anywhere near the vehicle.

6. Call for emergency response if the driver is incapacitated.

7. Drivers will provide detailed and accurate reports of all accidents/incidents, using the system’s accident/incident reporting forms.

Inclement Weather Policy

(Snow, Ice, Hurricane, etc.)

OUTS vans and personnel will observe the Onslow County Public School recommendations/actions concerning operation during inclement weather. However, the Director makes the final decision. If the County Schools are delayed, the Director will make the final decision in reference to transit services for that day.

If the schools are closed for a period of more than three days due to poor road conditions, it will be the OUTS Director, in conjunction with the EOC, decision to resume limited or regular service.

This cancellation is for the safety of passengers and system personnel. The Director/designee will contact designated TV/radio stations with any inclement weather announcements.